About eNVe Designs


eNVe Designs is a handmade jewelry line that specializes in statement pieces featuring natural stone and mixed metals.

Ngan Vuong is a self-taught jewelry artist with a perpetual desire to learn new techniques and an ever-evolving design aesthetic. She works with genuine stones and various metals. From raw brass and copper, to various base metal finishes, to sterling silver and 14Kt gold-fill, Ngan enjoys experimenting with them all. Almost always, several different metals are used in a single piece of jewelry, giving it that extra dose of dimension and personality. The stones are always hand selected for their raw and unique qualities, which makes every finished piece of jewelry the only one of its kind. Designed with versatility in mind, most pieces allow for flexibility and creativity in how they can be styled.

Ngan's creations strike a unique balance between edge and elegance, which is well suited for her clientelle--women who are absolutely one of a kind.

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